FreeIPA, open source centralized authentication

I wrote an article for Digital Ocean covering basic server configuration for FreeIPA

Ian Mcxa

A few months ago I submitted a tutorial to Digital Ocean covering FreeIPA server configuration. After a bit of editing, it has been published.

FreeIPA is an open source centralized authentication system made by Red Hat. It’s essentially Active Directory for Linux. It provides a web UI, an LDAP server, certificate management, and an extremely powerful permissions system. FreeIPA even provides a client that allows Ubuntu and Red Hat based distros to easily authenticate against it.

But, I hardly ever see FreeIPA talked about. It would appear that most people simply have not heard of it, and it’s website and documentation don’t do a lot to capture new users.

So, if you do need to manage users across multiple linux servers and services, I would really recommend checking out FreeIPA.